Register For Foul Shooting

Below you will find the registration form for participants who will be partaking in the foul shooting portion of the fundraiser.

Each participant will obtain sponsors, and the sponsor will donate an amount per foul shot made out of 100 shots (e.g. .25 cents - $1.00 per shot), or donate a fixed amoutn (e.g. $100 overall donation).  Each participant is encouraged to get as many sponsors as possible.

All checks from sponsors are to be made out to: 

Marc Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and sent to Dennis Bavaria, 4820 Oakmont Green, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050.  All money should be collected and turned in by September 19, 2014

While the large shooting event will be taking place on September 12th 2015 at Cumberland Valley High Shool, your 100 foul shots can be completed anywhere with a basketball hoop! If you are planning on participating in the foul shooting portion of the event we ask that you please fill out the registration form below. 

Thank you for your to help cure Pancreatic Cancer.

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